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Cyber supply chain risks identified at CodenomiCON 2016


Experts from UL, government, and industry have established programs for organizations to mitigate risks from exploitable software in their cyber supply chain.

On the CodenomiCON 2016 panel Mitigating Software Supply Chain Risks – Gaining Trust of Software in Cyber Assets, moderated by Joe Jarzombek, Global Manager for Software Supply Chain Management for the Synopsys Software Integrity Group, a diverse group of experts discussed various mitigation strategies they employ.

Experts on the panel included Don Davidson, Lifecycle Risk Management & Cybersecurity/Acquisition Integration Division, US Department of Defense; Kevin McKechnie, SVP and Director, American Banking Association’s Office of Insurance Advocacy; Kenneth Modeste, Cybersecurity Technical Lead, Underwriters Laboratories (UL); Hitoshi Ohsaki, Deputy Representative of Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Project, Japanese Government Initiative.


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