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[Webinar] Cloud DevSecOps with Synopsys and AWS

In our on-demand webinar with Binoy Das (AWS) and Dave Meurer (Synopsys), you’ll learn how to manage security in your cloud DevSecOps processes with automation.

Cloud DevSecOps with Synopsys and AWS webinar

Automation in the cloud can help you build faster and deliver continuously, but it can also make managing security a challenge. By integrating Black Duck software composition analysis with the development tools you use in Amazon Web Services, you can scan images in your container registry, automate build scans in your CI pipeline, and stay notified of any security vulnerabilities or policy violations found in your open source code.

Build fast and safe with cloud DevSecOps

Join Binoy Das (partner solution architect at Amazon Web Services) and Dave Meurer (partner solution architect at Synopsys) as they explore DevSecOps in the cloud. In this on-demand hands-on webinar, these cloud experts discuss how to build applications and containers safely in the cloud without sacrificing agility, visibility, or control. They also demonstrate how to:

  • Get started with Black Duck and AWS
  • Build better solutions through open source intelligence
  • Use open source management automation and integration with AWS

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