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Golden Cup was a world cup of trouble

Nobody with any connection to, or interest in, the FIFA World Cup can say they weren’t warned. In the days leading up to the quadrennial world championship of European football (or soccer), security experts put the word out constantly that everybody involved—players, organizers, staff, and spectators (including those watching on TV or online)—would be a […]

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Learn how to customize the OWASP Top 10 to fit your firm

A list of critical web application security vulnerabilities is a necessary risk management tool. Equally true is that each organization has a different set of vulnerabilities plaguing their applications. To complete a trifecta of fundamental truths, crowdsourced lists such as the OWASP Top 10 rarely reflect an individual organization’s priorities. Given all that, many organizations […]

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Synopsys wins NetworkWorld Asia Information Management Award

We’re excited to announce that the Synopsys Software Integrity Group was selected as the winner in the Threat Intelligence Management category for the 2017 NetworkWorld Asia Information Management Awards. Why is this award important? Attacks today are continuously advancing in sophistication, persistence, and volume. This results in an unmanageable stream of inconsistent, contradictory threat data […]

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Hajime and Mirai locked in an IoT botnet turf war

Last fall, someone released a benign worm looking to protect Internet of Things (IoT) devices from more dangerous worms. Known as Hajime, the vigilante malware appears to be designed to block another IoT worm, Mirai. The two are chasing each other around the world. Each are locked in a weird internet turf war seemingly bent on […]

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AngularJS 1.6: Life outside the sandbox

AngularJS 1.6 was recently released. With this release comes several impactful changes. One such change to note is the removal of the expression sandbox. This was a predicted change that was first announced in early September. If you haven’t already evaluated the impact of this on your Angular code in preparation for the changes, it’s […]

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Flaw in ASN.1 code library could impact every form of communications

A code library used in a wide range of telecommunication products, including radios in cell towers, routers, and switches, as well as the baseband chips in individual phones contains a flaw that makes it possible to eavesdrop or disrupt entire networks. An advisory published Monday evening describes a flaw in the way most systems implement […]

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