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Making the skies safe and secure with DO-178C compliance

A little background on DO-178 We live with software failure every day—from cell phones and laptops that crash or hang to headline-grabbing stories of personal data breaches. Software has been used in safety-critical airborne applications for decades, but fatalities caused by software are unheard of in civil aviation. Why this difference? The reason is the […]

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Golden Cup was a world cup of trouble

Nobody with any connection to, or interest in, the FIFA World Cup can say they weren’t warned. In the days leading up to the quadrennial world championship of European football (or soccer), security experts put the word out constantly that everybody involved—players, organizers, staff, and spectators (including those watching on TV or online)—would be a […]

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Can Synopsys Static Analysis (Coverity) automatically ignore issues in third-party or noncritical code?

Synopsys Static Analysis (Coverity) has powerful capabilities that can find issues deep within the logic of your application’s code. If you apply third-party or open source code during your build process, Coverity might even find issues in code your team didn’t write. Often, you won’t be interested in fixing that third-party code, for a variety […]

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Coverity: Setting the standard for better software

From the moon to autonomous driving There is a general awareness that software complexity has been growing immensely over time. Starting a few decades ago with special-purpose tasks, such as calculating equations to send a man to the moon, we are now at a stage where our world and much of our lives depend intrinsically […]

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Triage Protecode identified security vulnerabilities with Coverity’s secure development workflow

The risk of open source and third-party code In today’s fast-paced world with rapid technological advancements, few people need any introduction to the dangers of security vulnerabilities lurking in open source and third-party code. Open source software has come a long way from being a techno-hippie dream in the late ’80s. Today, it exists nearly […]

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Get the latest resource helping development teams overcome widespread challenges

Only when security is treated with the same importance as quality can your software’s integrity drive a proactive strategy rather than a reactive response. In addition to ensuring software quality, development teams are under increasing pressure to address software security concerns. The high-profile data breaches that continuously arise are raising awareness of security issues. Because […]

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How is static analysis a productivity tool for engineering teams?

“I lost my keys. How long will it take to find them?” This is a laughable question, but it’s analogous to “How long will it take to debug this?” Developers scoff at this question as if it were an unreasonable demand, just as inexperienced project managers are shocked that a simple answer isn’t forthcoming. But […]

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KRACK: Examining the WPA2 protocol flaw and what it means for your business

WPA2? The weekend of Friday the 13th took a frightening turn—even for those of us who aren’t superstitious—when detrimental weaknesses were discovered in Wi-Fi Protected Access II (WPA2), the protocol responsible for securing Wi-Fi networks. WPA2 was first made available back in 2004 and has been required on all Wi-Fi branded devices since March 2006. […]

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How to implement security measures without negatively affecting software quality

Over the past decade, most organizations have established a well-oiled process for software development and maintenance. We refer to this as the software development life cycle (SDLC). However, advancing security threats relating to insecure software have brought the focus to security implementation within the SDLC without hampering quality. Let’s examine a few strategies to implement security […]

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Checklist: Kick off your software integrity program with a bang

We are coming up on fall here in the States, and for most of us, that means two big types of kickoffs are happening: new business initiatives and football. Budgets tend to land around the same time as football season, so if you want to enjoy your Sunday kickoffs, follow this list of four impactful […]

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