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Achieve critical infrastructure security with modern networking

Our energy and water infrastructure holds up the world we know, but very few understand how delicate it can be. There is a constant demand to monitor and protect this infrastructure, whose components often have been running nonstop for decades, with few understanding how they work. This hole in the safety net that protects these […]

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Smart devices, smart grids, and cyber security

A recent “Innovation Spotlight” in the IEEE XPLORE Digital Library announced “a first-of-its-kind charger that allows plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) to deliver excess capacity to the power grid and recharge during off-peak hours.” Promising new technologies often evoke questions about security. Suppose a bad actor exploits the connection somehow and brings down portions of the […]

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A look at the U.S. smart grid security posture

There are three main components of any energy network: generation, transmission, and distribution. The modern energy industry has come a long way since it was a simple web of electrical devices. The system, now called a ‘smart grid,’ involves a highly integrated network of hardware and software components performing high-end computing and decision-making activities with […]

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Improving smart grid cyber security

Over the last couple of years we have become more involved helping companies in the Energy sector get security right. As our nation’s traditional electric grid is modernized and upgraded to the smart grid, the associated cyber security challenges continue to increase and consequences of not addressing them systematically become more significant. Smart grid technologies […]

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