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IoT security outlook: The keyless ignition theft trend

I recently broke the key fob for my car. It was just one of those days. I was late for work. It was raining. The kids were dashing ahead trying to cross the street through busy traffic. I was carrying too many things and ended up dropping my keys. Before I realized they’d fallen, I […]

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Breach in healthcare data: One step too far

I am a victim. One of every nine of you is also a victim. I am an Anthem customer, and according to CSO: “one in nine Americans have medical coverage through one of Anthem’s affiliated plans” (CSO, “Anthem: How does a breach like this happen?”, Steve Ragan). It is not just the scope of the […]

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BSIMM Community Conference

We just hosted the first ever BSIMM Community Conference in Annapolis, MD this week. I’m proud to say it was a smash hit. The schedule was packed full of interesting talks from leaders among the BSIMM Community including Microsoft, Intel, Salie Mae, JP Morgan Chase, QUALCOMM, Fidelity, Adobe and Cigital, but by far the most […]

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