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Automation: One of the keys to DevSecOps

Automation is one of the keys to consistent and meaningful AppSec adoption in an evolving world. Many organizations have taken the first step in integrating their development and operations teams to drive more efficient delivery of applications and innovation to the market. They have come a long way by aligning around the shared goal of […]

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Why you need to perform open source due diligence in an M&A transaction

Most companies involved with technology M&A understand the importance of open source risks in software. Today’s software contains significant amounts of open source, on average more than 50%, according to a 2018 Synopsys study. Consequently, it has become the norm for acquirers to raise open source questions as part of technical and legal due diligence. […]

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BSIMM9: Not a how-to but a roadmap to a better SSI

You’ve probably seen the commercials. Different situations but always the same theme. In one of them, a guy tells his neighbor, “I need to get my roof repaired. Do you know any contractors?” “Uh, yeah, I might,” the neighbor replies. “Great,” says the first guy. “Can you do a free background check on him for […]

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