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Securing containers at scale

Open source is the foundation of most modern applications. However, left untracked, open source can put containerized applications at risk of known vulnerabilities such as Heartbleed and CVE-2017-5638 found in Apache Struts. Tracking open source can be difficult in containerized production environments, which pose new challenges to application security. Organizations need visibility into the open […]

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Establishing technology trust at Infosecurity Europe 2018

Infosecurity Europe is one of the leading information security events in Europe. The annual event, taking place this year from 5-7 June, brings together over 19,500 information security professionals, over 400 exhibitors showcasing the most cutting edge information security solutions, and thought leaders from around the globe. This year, Synopsys technical evangelist, Tim Mackey (@TiminTech), […]

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OpsSight Container Security 2.0, Integrating SAST into DevSecOps, building hacker-proof voting

Black Duck by Synopsys announces OpsSight 2.0. Abbott strengthens pacemaker software against vulnerabilities. A year after disclosure, the Struts vulnerability is still a danger to thousands of companies. And the new Synopsys Security Mashup video is up. Software Integrity Insight is your resource on the cyber security and open source security news that made headlines […]

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Announcing OpsSight Container Security 2.0 GA

Containers have restructured the way we think about our infrastructure, bringing development and operations teams closer together than ever before, and placing applications center stage in the infrastructure environment. Teams are massively scaling containerized deployments with Kubernetes and Kubernetes-based solutions, like Red Hat’s enterprise-grade container orchestration platform, OpenShift Container Platform. But in containerized deployments, because […]

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NIST report on container security, GitLab Developer Report, VW and Audi remote hacks

Software Integrity Insight is your resource on the cyber security and open source security that made the headlines! 8 takeaways from NIST’s application container security guide via Synopsys Software Integrity: Chances are, hackers are aware of the growing popularity of containers as well, says technical evangelist Tim Mackey. Which is why we compiled eight takeaways […]

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8 takeaways from NIST’s Application Container Security Guide

Companies are leveraging containers on a massive scale to rapidly package and deliver software applications. But because it is difficult for organizations to see the components and dependencies in all their container images, container security risks associated with containerized delivery has become a hot topic in DevOps. This puts the spotlight on operations teams to […]

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Data breaches, SirenJack, and serverless apps vulns

It’s nearly an all-Tim Mackey issue of Software Integrity Insight as our technical evangelist weighs in on data breaches, container adoption, GitHub, and open source serverless applications. Other stories in this week’s software integrity news include the SirenJack vulnerability, a security vulnerability potentially putting warning sirens across the city of San Francisco at risk, and […]

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Container adoption by the numbers

As application development teams are pressured to deliver software faster than ever, containers offer clear advantages. Docker debuted to the public in 2013, and since then there have been over 29 billion Docker container downloads. Benefits of containerization 66% of organizations adopting containers experienced accelerated developer efficiency 75% of companies achieved an increase in application […]

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What’s in your containers?, Spring Break vulnerability, cyber security in healthcare

Open Source Insight makes the transition to the Synopsys Software Integrity (SIG) blog this week, and you can find us here, as well as the latest posts from SIG technology evangelist Tim Mackey. This week’s edition looks at security for container images, cyber security in healthcare, how most data breaches occur, and a host of […]

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Using containers? What’s hidden in your container images?

Do you know what’s in your containers? No, the question has nothing to do with those mystery containers in your fridge. But if you don’t know what’s in those lovely Docker containers which are all the rage, you could be in store for just as rude a surprise as discovering what might be hiding deep […]

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