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Infographic: What do the 4 CISO tribes say about software security in your firm?

  Where does software security really fit into your firm? We recently decided to conduct a study to find out. Gathering data in a series of in-person interviews with 25 chief information security officers (CISOs), our aim was to understand their strategies and approaches. The 2018 CISO Report presents the research findings. From the findings, […]

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Webinar: How does new CISO research affect your organization?

Chief information security officers (CISOs) play a critical role in our software-driven world, but the role is still relatively new. What CISOs do on a daily basis—and why—has largely remained a mystery—at least until we studied them in the wild. The 2018 CISO Report identifies four distinct approaches to the CISO role. Join us as […]

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Introducing the 2018 CISO Report: A Q&A with Gary McGraw

We recently sat down with Synopsys VP of security technology, Dr. Gary McGraw, to discuss his latest research effort. In addition to the annual Building Security In Maturity Model (BSIMM), Gary has set out to identify the ways in which CISOs approach their job role. The CISO project team, which included Sammy Migues and Dr. […]

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