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Is a career in application security consulting right for you?

Considering a job in application security consulting? If you have any of these four characteristics, a career in cyber security might be perfect for you.

Is a career in application security consulting right for you?

In January 2016, Forbes announced that there were one million job openings in cyber security. The shortage of talent has continued to mount while demand is expected to increase to six million globally by 2019.

You may be intrigued by the idea of security consulting but aren’t sure how to transition or break through. If you’re new to the security field, you may be inundated with recruiter calls. Logging into LinkedIn means sorting through numerous InMail messages. So, how do you decide on a career trajectory when you have so many options?

Here are four elements to explore when considering a new opportunity in the cyber security field:

1. You’re looking for challenging and exciting work.

Have you read about recent exploits and wish you could roll up your sleeves and get involved? Maybe you’re imagining what it would be like to work within multiple industries, learning about the unique nature of their security issues.

Consider the automotive, financial, and healthcare industries. Each of these sectors are at very different levels of maturity when it comes to cyber, data, and informational security concerns. They have different needs, goals, and compliance issues facing them. They also face unique threats that maybe you could help resolve.

2. You’re always up to date regarding ever-changing technology.

Do you attend meet-ups, hackathons, or other security-related events? Perhaps you’re eager to learn about new tools and challenges in securing applications. Then again, maybe you’ve written a paper or even spoken at a conference with regards to security.

If you can’t get enough, transition your passion for security into a robust career.

3. You think of yourself as a security evangelist.

If you’re comfortable speaking to varied groups of people on security-focused topics, security consulting might be right up your alley. Remember that a security consultant must be confident in sharing their findings with CISOs and developers alike.

4. You’re also a bit of a rebel.

Cyber security is sort of like Star Wars in the real world—and the security consultants are the Jedi. There’s a good chance that you think like a malicious hacker in order to beat them at their own game. You’re smart as a whip, technically savvy, and have the competitive spirit that is out to win.

Do you walk to the beat of your own drum? Well then, you should consider the fact that the more people and companies you work with as a security consultant, the more positive the impact you have on the world.

Summing it up

Whether you’re a newbie still trying to establish yourself in the field, or you haven’t yet broken into the world of cyber security, the industry is taking off at the speed of light. Join in the force for good and see how you can turn your affinity for cyber into something much more powerful.

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