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3 ways to build a recruiting culture in the AppSec industry

3 ways to build a recruiting culture in the AppSec industry
I am often posed the question, how do you manage to staff security professionals in such a competitive market? Our team has even been asked to help top-tier clients fill their own internal vacancies.

So what makes us effective?

Secure executive support

It is very common for recruiting departments to be treated as administrative support staff. At Synopsys, our recruiters are treated as business partners. Our executives expect their direct reports to be actively involved in the recruitment process. Thus, ensuring the long-term success of the organization. Just as everybody sells, everybody recruits. If you like your job, your co-workers, and your company, it is very much your business to network and get involved with hiring. As a leading global software security company, we know that success requires a great relationship between the recruiting team and hiring managers. Our technical staff gets involved in all aspects of recruiting, from college events to speaking engagements, conferences, and meet-up groups. It takes a village to find the best in the business!

Treat candidates like gold

Over the years our team has developed a best-in-class approach to ensuring an exceptional candidate experience.

Every organization wants to claim that they hire the top talent in the field, but we all know this can’t be true. In a competitive industry such as cyber security, every good candidate is walking around with three job offers at all times. So how do you entice one to join YOUR company? Our security recruitment team prides itself in providing a top-notch candidate experience from start to finish through a well-organized interview, detailed preparations, and ensuring the candidate has a personal relationship with the recruiter and a clear understanding of the position, to name a few. Have you ever received a good-luck note and a cookie at your hotel the night before a big interview? Or gotten a text message checking in on you to make sure you landed safely?

Although we cannot guarantee that a candidate will land the job—or even that it is the right job for the person today—we can guarantee that all our candidates will walk away with a positive experience.

Appreciate your recruiters

Have you thanked a recruiter today?

When we take the time to acknowledge how we grew our careers, we often think about those great mentors, managers, and companies that gave us the opportunity to shine. Sometimes we forget all about that great recruiter. This person may have helped edit your resume or LinkedIn profile, built up your confidence to apply for a role you didn’t think you’d get, or prepped you to walk into an interview and ace it. If you’re a hiring manager, a good recruiter is a voice of reason when you have doubts. Good recruiters will also work with you to tweak your job description or interview questions. They also understand that a good hire means the success of your team and your organization.

At Synopsys we take pride in making the world a more secure place.

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Nina Avery

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Nina Avery

Nina Avery

Nina Avery is a talent acquisition manager at Synopsys. She brings a wealth of experience to the organization having hired technical talent across multiple industries for over a decade. Nina brings a passion for business, strategic process improvement, analytics, and customer service to the organization. She oversees an international team of professionals who believe in the value of software security and are committed to ensuring that Synopsys continues to hire the best in class. Nina holds a master’s degree from SUNY Stony Brook, is a mother of two, and in her spare time can be found at the gym or yoga studio.

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