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Everything you need to know about Black Duck Security Advisories

Everything you need to know about Black Duck Security Advisories

When we released Black Duck 4.4, we announced the creation of our own Black Duck Security Advisories (BDSAs). BDSAs offer a more complete and in-depth view of your vulnerabilities.

Since then, many of our customers have reached out with various questions. I’m here to provide a brief overview of some of the differences between standard NVD vulnerabilities and BDSAs. I’m also going to share some of the most valuable information you’ll get with BDSAs.

Learn more about Black Duck’s detailed scoring information for both CVSS 2.0 and 3.0 scoring as well as temporal scoring. BDSA records also provide key Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE) classifications for all vulnerabilities, providing our customers with essential insight into the type of weakness being exposed.

How do you get Black Duck Security Advisories? BDSAs are available to our security and professional customers on Black Duck version 4.4 or later. Contact your CRM rep or our support team for more information.

Want Black Duck Security Advisories but not yet a customer?

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Jeff Michael

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Jeff Michael

Jeff Michael

Jeff has over 15 years’ experience in driving product vision, leading software teams, and efficiently and effectively steering product direction. Currently, Jeff is senior product manager for the Black Duck product. Prior to Black Duck, Jeff focused on physical security applications from incident management to access control systems to emergency preparedness/response.

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