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Better security through better software

We live in an insecure world. Our data is being breached by the millions left and right, and there’s no stopping it.

We believe better software development can stop these breaches and protect our data. We want to change the way the world thinks about software security. We believe that developers should own security and that it belongs in the development lifecycle. No, we aren’t crazy; this is totally realistic and we want to show you how.

“Why does this even matter?” you may ask. In 2014 alone, over 1 BILLION pieces of personally identifiable information (PII) were stolen via attacks on software that contained vulnerabilities. You hear about it every day: your personal information has been leaked, some stranger is making purchases using your credit card. But no one seems to take the fall, and there’s no end in sight.

Build security in

The answer is simple: we need to build better software from the beginning, and it starts with developers.

Developers shouldn’t need to rely on QA teams or the singular security resource in their company to find issues in their code. They should be able to find and fix it themselves, as the code is written. That’s what we’re focused on bringing to fruition.

You’ll see a variety of topics about software development posted here, not limited to:

  • Security approaches and best practices in various languages and frameworks
  • Hot topics and discussions notable news events
  • Brief descriptions of security issues and how they manifest (yes, brief!)
  • The mechanics behind how we can find some cool things in code

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