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Travis Biehn is a technical strategist at Synopsys. He works with developers, security program stakeholders, and companies to improve their security posture. Travis focuses on building capabilities against emerging technologies and the analysis of challenging systems. Prior to Synopsys, he worked as an Architect and Developer on SCADA / HMI systems, web apps, backend components, and mobile applications.

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Cracking XenForo corpuses: An unsupported sha256(sha256($pass).$salt) hash type

A list that recently hit, with 1M records and low crack rate, looked like an interesting target. Taking a closer look, we quickly found out why.

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Posted in Building secure software, Developer Enablement


What are the real security implications of the Hillary Clinton email scandal?

Far beyond politics, the Clinton email scandal has real security implications. What lessons can security stakeholders take away?

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Posted in Data Breach Security