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Steven Zimmerman is a product marketing manager at Synopsys. He has forged his path in telecommunications and high technology. As a subject matter expert in cloud and managed IT services, he looks to drive evolution and awareness of modern tech solutions for the enterprise and mid-market. In his spare time, Steven is an avid road bicyclist, competes in local volleyball leagues, and fosters his fledgling woodworking skills.

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Coding bootcamps need to get real about secure coding practices

Coding bootcamps fill development seats fast—but the trade-off for speed is security. How do you fill the security training gaps in your developers’ education?

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Posted in Security Training & Awareness


Fine-tuning roles, controlling licenses, and matching code snippets in Black Duck 4.5

In Black Duck 4.5, we’ve improved the functions and controls used by development and security teams to create the most effective SCA tool for the job.

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Posted in Software Composition Analysis (SCA)


What it takes to be an Open Source Rookie

In our Open Source Rookies of the Year report, we honor the most innovative and influential open source projects released to the community the previous year.

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Posted in News & Announcements


FinTech compliance is evolving to safeguard your information

The rapid growth of custom and open source applications deployed in businesses worldwide means that all companies have significant software assets. In some industries, agile development and open source software have enabled a technological evolution, to the point of creating new business models. FinTech is one example of an industry established around technologies, delivering automated and self-service financial solutions across platforms.

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Posted in Financial Cyber Security, Software Compliance, Quality & Standards


Understanding the hows and whys of open source audits

If you’re part of a modern business that does any software development, your dev teams are using open source components to move quickly, save money, and leverage community innovation. If you’re a law firm or a consultant, your clients use open source. And if you’re on the lookout for your next acquisition, you’ll be evaluating targets replete with open source. Synopsys recently found that proprietary applications we audit are 36% open source on average.

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Posted in Mergers & Acquisitions, Open Source Security