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Steve Teilhet is a senior research engineer at Synopsys. He is an author, speaker, and security researcher. Steve has been working in the security field for the last 14 years, primarily in application security. He uses his knowledge for developing both static and dynamic analysis security tools as well as helping others secure their applications’ code. His research spans many areas of application security including client-side, mobile, and server-side. While AppSec keeps him busy, Steve has also written several books. His latest, “C# 6.0 Cookbook,” was published last year through O’Reilly Media Inc.

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AngularJS security series part 1: Angular $http service

Welcome to the first part in our AngularJS Security Series. Here, we’ll discuss the various solutions to write more secure applications. Our goal is simple: to help developers better understand Angular and embrace the practice of writing more secure code.

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AngularJS is secure by default, right? Not so fast.

AngularJS is one of those wonderful frameworks that seems to hide so many of JavaScript’s warts. While Angular adds much-needed features to the language, it also creates a handful of new problems for developers. Due to this, I’ve teamed up with Lewis Ardern to pose a simple question with a not-so-simple answer:

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