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As a developer as well as a security professional since 2007, Sneha is passionate about helping companies transform, implement and adopt DevSecOps. Sneha is a huge believer of building security in. She has a master’s degree in Information Security and Computer Science from Northeastern University in Boston. In her free time, Sneha loves to swim, read, sing and bake.

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Top 10 DevSecOps best practices for building secure software

Ready to transition your organization to DevSecOps but unsure of where to begin? Get started with our top 10 DevSecOps best practices.

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Closing the gender gap in today’s tech industry

There’s a history of gender inequality in the workforce, and the tech industry is no exception. Here are four ways to help address it.

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Posted in Application Security, Security news and research


Software security essentials every SMB should have

The all-too-prevalent attacks against large organizations are often those that you’ll see pop up on the news. However, attackers aren’t neglecting small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). That’s why every organization, irrespective of its size, needs software security. Wondering how to kick-start a robust software security implementation for your start-up? Here, I’ll discuss several essential factors that SMBs should consider when designing a successful security program.

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