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Shandra is Director of Marketing for Black Duck’s On-Demand Audit business. She is responsible for developing and executing marketing strategies that drive Black Duck On-Demand product adoption. She spent the last 13 years in the technology industry both as a marketer and a corporate strategy professional and especially enjoys being able to use that experience to understand the Black Duck On-Demand customer and their unique tech diligence needs.

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3 use cases where source code scanning doesn’t cut it

Binary code analysis tools are essential when you don’t have access to a build environment or source code. Here are some use cases for scanning binary code.

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Posted in Open Source Security


Open source security risk: Managing the threat in mergers and acquisitions

The prevalence of open source is a potential M&A risk, as buyers are often not aware that more than 50% of the code they acquire is made up of open source.

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Posted in Mergers & Acquisitions, Open Source Security, Software Composition Analysis (SCA)