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Robert Voitle is a security consultant at Synopsys. He holds a M.S. in Technical and Professional Communication from Auburn University. He has worked in the software security industry for nine years with some of the most well-known software security industry leaders such as HP Fortify Software, Aspect Security, and Synopsys. Robert specializes in source code review and static analysis. He has worked closely with large enterprises to incorporate software security into their software development life cycles.

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Do security and quality really belong in the same conversation?

In software development shops across the world there is a strong emphasis on quality over security. But, these two key practices in the development process are not mutually exclusive. They are, in fact, two sides of the same coin joined together by their similar processes, artifacts, and goals. These include testing the software for defects, generating reports digestible by both management and developers (regarding which defects require remediation), and improving the operation of the application. Despite these similarities, the two practices remain sheltered from one another and there are three main reasons why:

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