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Rob helps Synopsys better understand and serve the needs of automotive OEMs, leading suppliers, and technology providers investing in the growing connected car industry. He recently graduated from MIT Sloan School of Management and previously worked in the IoT space at a leading energy software and services provider.

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OTA updates driving connected car revolution?

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) announced recently that it was recalling 7,802 Dodge Challengers to “update transmission software,” in response to vehicle movement (“rolling”) after drivers shifted into park. While 7,802 pales compared to the 811,000 recalled from inadvertent “rolling” last year, the concept of pulling cars away from customers for a software upgrade is beginning to catch broader attention. Investment banking firm Stout Risius Ross reported that software issues accounted for 15% of total recalls in 2015, up from 5% in 2011.   Big business, big investment Minimizing recalls, which overall totaled more than $900M for General Motors (GM) alone in 2016, would be a significant cost saving opportunity. One remedy for software related recalls is Over the Air (OTA) updates, which would eliminate the need to bring vehicles into dealerships for software updates and allow data driven improvements to minimize maintenance. According to IHS Markit, OTA updates could save the global automotive industry more than $35B by 2022

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