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Michael White is the director of solution strategy within Synopsys' Software Integrity Group. During his time at Synopsys, he has worked with leading software and IT organizations around the world to build programs to manage software security, safety, and reliability risks.

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Learning from KRACK and ROCA: Here’s how to equip your firm

Last week’s news introduced us to another pair of vulnerabilities hitting right at the foundation of everything we place our trust in. Named KRACK and ROCA, these flaws target specific facets of Wi-Fi networks and cryptographic keys, meaning that attackers can potentially sneak into networks we consider private, and decipher things we consider secret. Who’s affected? If you’re in enterprise IT, you’re likely familiar with the cycle of waiting for a patch, then planning and coordinating the rollout of the patch across your estate. What’s interesting in this case is that a lot of the space to be covered includes non-PC devices, so you have to figure out how those will get patched too. (Your plan covers that, right?)

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