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Julian Alvarado is a digital marketing professional with three years of experience developing, editing, and managing online content. Mr. Alvarado is passionate about storytelling and has transferred that passion to content marketing after completing his undergraduate and graduate degree in the biological sciences. While some may find this transition curious, Mr. Alvarado has been able to leverage his analytical mode of thinking and attention to detail to examine trends in customer behavior, creating data-driven content that captures the attention of any given audience.

Posts by Julian Alvarado:


How to secure cloud apps: The ultimate guide

Are you hesitant to adopt the cloud because of security concerns? Our new guide explains how to secure cloud apps from design to development and deployment.

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Posted in Cloud Security


How to think about container security

Are you thinking about container security? Traditional application security isn’t meant for container deployments. Learn strategies for securing your containers.

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Posted in Container Security


The IoT within us: Network-connected medical devices

The Internet of Things is now inside us. But network-connected medical devices are troubling, considering the history of medical device vulnerabilities.

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Posted in Healthcare Security & Privacy, IoT Security, Medical Device Security