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Jamie Boote is a security consultant at Synopsys. He works with organizations to ensure their developers understand how to write secure code. Jamie believes that software security doesn't happen in isolation and needs effective communication between all levels of a company. When he's not advocating for the dinosaurs in any Perl vs. Python argument, Jamie can be found chasing his sons around Southern Florida.

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Are you making software security a requirement?

Robust software security requirements help you lock down what your software does so that it can be used only as intended. Learn how to build your own.

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Posted in Application Security, Software Architecture & Design


How to build a process around an application security tool

How do you ensure your application security tools are enablers rather than hurdles? By building application security processes around the tools you deploy.

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How proactive is your software security initiative?

A proactive software security initiative protects your organization. Does your software security measure up? Take our 12-question quiz to find out.

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Software security program checklist: Kick off your program with a bang

If you want to enjoy your Sunday kickoffs, our software security program checklist of five activities will help you kick off your program successfully.

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4 simple steps to encourage online safety at your company

Raise security awareness in your organization. You’ll protect your employees and your business. Get started with these online safety tips.

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Why should every eCommerce website have an SSL certificate?

In the world of data security, a critical element of working with users is earning their trust. Obtaining, implementing, and properly using an SSL certificate is one way to protect user data. Without a certificate, there is also no easy way to keep the communications between the user and an eCommerce website private from attackers. What is encryption? Encryption protects data and keeps secrets out of reach from eavesdroppers. It seems like the stuff of movies and television dramas. It’s often portrayed in the media as some impenetrable obstacle that can’t be overcome without keys. Or, as an easy challenge to solve with rapid typing and a few progress bars.

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Posted in Software Architecture & Design, Web Application Security


How to prevent SQL injection attacks: A cheat sheet

Our SQL injection cheat sheet shows you how to prevent attacks by using database features to separate commands from data and writing secure code.

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Posted in Software Architecture & Design


Getting to the bottom of the top 5 vendor risk management best practices

Outsourcing the work doesn’t mean outsourcing the risk. Consider these vendor risk management best practices to build a secure and successful partnership.

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Posted in Application Security


5 questions to ask yourself when deciding on the best static code analysis tool

A security toolbox has a variety of static code analysis tools that may all look alike at first glance but actually serve different purposes.

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Posted in Static Analysis (SAST)


The top hacking techniques of 2015 and how they work

This year has been another banner year both in terms of security and vulnerability discovery. There have been many leaks and attacks, most of which were probably executed with older techniques. But, there are also a few new attack patterns worth highlighting which were revealed this year.

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Posted in Mobile App Security, Software Architecture & Design, Web Application Security