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David Benas is an Atlanta-based security consultant at Synopsys. He specializes in web application vulnerability assessments, architecture risk analysis, code review, enterprise static analysis tools, red teaming, network pen testing, and threat modeling.

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Protect your employees from phishing and social engineering | NCSAM at Synopsys

It was a busy summer for healthcare IT staff. The Minnesota Department of Human Services potentially breached 21,000 patients’ personal data. Gold Coast Health Plan emailed 37,000 patients to warn them their data had been exposed. And UnityPoint Health had to notify 1.4 million patients about a data breach—only months after the organization’s last data breach. The cause of all these data breaches? Employees falling for phishing attacks.

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How to assess the risk of seemingly correct software

As the prevalence of software continues to trend upwards with time, a common assumption is that it is becoming more feature-rich and reliable. However, most in the software industry wouldn’t hesitate to point out how difficult it actually is to achieve fully-working software.

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