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Damon is a Software Architect for Black Duck by Synopsys. He has a passion for innovation and invention. He also works on the design and development of efficient data-structures, methodologies and algorithms for identifying open source code. Cyber-security, sailing and Jujitsu are among his recent interests. Previously, Damon worked at Mobile Messenger/PAYVIA, Soundbite Communications and Harmonix Music.

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Pandora’s box – Exploits show package manager blind spots

As open source development has become mainstream, developers have been able to benefit from a growing number of application development and security solutions that help them build secure, high-quality software fast. Several new open source vulnerability management (a.k.a. software composition analysis) solutions have emerged, and at first glance, it can be hard to determine what differentiates them — at some level, they all claim to help you catalog your open source and show you information about the current known vulnerabilities.

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