Chester Liu


Chester’s 25-year career has spanned diverse disciplines including polymer science, software engineering, user experience design, product marketing, and most recently, sales enablement. His broad experience has made him an effective bridge between the worlds of R&D, marketing, and sales, which often operate independently. During his 4-year stint at RSA Security, Chester was a frequent public speaker and advocated for an integrated view of security, spanning infrastructure, data, and application security, with the right tools and processes in place for proper governance, risk and compliance management. At Black Duck Software, Chester’s role as Director of Sales Enablement is critical in building a world-class team of sales professionals who not only understand the product, but also the challenges customers face regarding the security and legal risks of using open source software in application development. Chester enjoys taking on complex topics such as the software development lifecycle and operating system virtualization, and making them easy to understand for those without a technical background. In his free time, he is often found enabling his kids on the ski slopes or the tennis courts.

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