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Baljeet Malhotra is Vice President of Research at Black Duck Software and leads Black Duck Software Canada, a research division of Black Duck. Previously, he was Research Director at SAP, where he derived IoT standards strategy. Before that he was a Computational Scientist with the Earth Observation Systems Laboratory and a Senior Software Engineer at Satyam Computers. He holds a PhD in Computing Science from the University of Alberta. Baljeet did his post-doc work at the National University of Singapore. He has published numerous scientific reports and patents. He was NSERC Canada scholar during 2005-2010, and awarded Global Young Scientist by the Government of Singapore in 2011 and 2012.

Posts by Baljeet Malhotra:


Artificial intelligence for open source risk management

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the way we live, work and think. In recent times, computing machines have become intelligent enough to recognize real world objects, recognize speech, learn programs, paint like an artist, or even dream like humans.

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A methodology for quantifying risks from web services

How do you quantify the risks of using of web services that make calls to various APIs available commercially and in the public domain for “free” usage?

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An overview of open standards for IoT communication protocols

The number of “smart” applications will only increase in 2017 as vendors seek to differentiate themselves in their various marketplaces. This point was made abundantly clear at CES recently as part of the “Trillion Dollar IoT Opportunity.” With an explosion of vendors seeking to make our homes, factories, vehicles and healthcare more connected and thus “smarter,” it’s important to understand the various standards in play when looking at incorporating IoT communication protocols.

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