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Shift even further left with blazing-fast Rapid Scan SAST

Why fixing software issues as you code matters and how Rapid Scan SAST can help.

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How identity management and compliance with security standards can help prevent sensitive data leakage

Cyber criminals can gain access to sensitive data through unauthorized access. Learn how to use security standards to set up preventative measures.

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Data privacy laws drive urgency to create a data security strategy

With the introduction of more data privacy laws, companies can use a data security strategy and framework to help them achieve better compliance.

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A CISO’s guide to sensitive data protection

As companies become more digitized, they must take appropriate steps in their application security processes to ensure data protection.

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SAST and SCA: Why use both?

If you use an SCA tool, why should you use a SAST tool as well? Let’s discuss what each tool can and can’t do and how they complement each other.

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Posted in Application Security, Building secure software, Software Composition Analysis (SCA), Static Analysis (SAST)


How to win the application security arms race

Static application security testing helps you find and fix vulnerabilities earlier in the development life cycle, resulting in more secure software.

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Posted in Static Analysis (SAST)