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Aseem Lodha is a security consultant at Synopsys. With an information science background, he holds a master’s degree in Management Information System from SUNY Buffalo. He specializes in penetration testing, threat modeling, architecture risk analysis, and web application security. When Aseem is not making the world a more secure place to live, he unwinds by reading, traveling, playing soccer, engaging in a lively discussion, or meandering on the streets of New York City with his wife.

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Software integrity is a journey, not a destination

As software evolves, there is an underlying focus on a goal (or set of goals). From an organizational perspective, software security is an operation that protects critical business practices. Thus, it should become a habitual element of the development process—in the same way that quality implications are considered to meet specific goals.

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Top 10 free pen tester tools

See the top 10 free pen tester tools. Complement these tools with human expertise to simplify what is otherwise a drawn-out process of manual review.

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