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AlJowhara AlSuwailem is a security consultant at Synopsys. She specializes in security architecture reviews, cloud security, and vulnerability assessments. Prior to Synopsys, AlJowhara spent five years working in the IT governance field for one of the leading banks in the Middle East as a Senior System Integration Specialist. She comes from a computer science background and holds a MS in Information Security and Assurance from George Mason University.

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Cloud-based application security testing challenges and tips

Cloud computing has influenced IT delivery services (including storage, computing, deployment, and management) with the maturity of automation and virtualization technologies. With these maturing technologies, a major obstacle in the adoption of cloud computing is security. Cloud security testing, as a relatively new service model, allows IT security testing service providers to perform on-demand application security testing in the cloud. This allows organizations to control costs while maintaining secure applications. Thus, the objective of cloud-based applications security testing is to enable these service providers to leverage cloud technologies and solutions in a secure manner.

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The 3 laws of robots.txt

Attackers can use your website’s robots.txt file to gain a foothold in your environment and lead to further compromise. Learn how to mitigate your risks.

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