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[Webinar] Update your AppSec strategy to run effectively in a DevOps world

Is security tripping you up? Learn how DevOps introduces opportunities to implement security measures from the beginning of the SDLC.


DevOps enables you to release features and bug remediation efforts faster than ever before through Agile methodologies, CI/CD processes, and open source tools. While traditional security activities have trouble keeping pace with DevOps, it’s also critical not to let security fall behind.

Is security tripping you up?

As the DevOps revolution continues to advance, security must advance with it. However, all too often, approaches to application security get stuck in the past. Throwing security assessment results over the fence to developers isn’t a strategy. This ‘passing the buck’ mindset won’t survive a transition to DevOps and CI/CD in which agile techniques and automation demand a fast-paced progression.

If you missed us the live webinar presented by Scott Crawford, research director of information security with 451 Research, and Meera Subbarao, senior principal consultant with Synopsys’ Software Integrity Group, check out the recording.

How will the webinar get you back on your feet?

This webinar will highlight the many points of opportunity DevOps presents to engage in real collaboration across security, development, and operations teams. It’s not just about testing, after all. We’ll discuss how DevOps introduces opportunities to implement security measures from the beginning of the software development life cycle (SDLC). This, in turn, helps to reduce the cost impact of security remediation and response later in the process. Discover where and how security efforts can capitalize on automation and integration with DevOps toolsets.

Security and development both require specialized expertise. Security in DevOps requires a unique mix of both. We’ll help you find it.

Get your application security program up to speed in a DevOps world.

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