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Announcing the Tinfoil Security Heroku Add-on

Our goal at Tinfoil has always been to make security simpler. Ease of use and actionability of the reports we return to you has been priority number one along with, of course, great security engineering. Today we’re thrilled to announce that for some of you, we’ve made being secure a whole lot easier.

Tinfoil Security Logo | Synopsys

The Tinfoil Security add-on for Heroku lets you start running scans at the click of a button. No multi-step verification required, no email confirmation; just simple, easy-to-use, robust and proven website application security at the click of a button from the Heroku Add-ons Marketplace. Of course, those of you that are command-line inclined can also add us from there.

Our pricing is the same, and our service is the same, but setup and integration is a whole lot easier. We’ve learned a lot from talking to our wonderful alpha and beta Heroku customers and will be working some of the things we’ve learned back into our standalone product as well.

You can find us in the Monitoring section of the Heroku Add-ons Marketplace.

As always, we welcome feedback, and would love your thoughts. Which platforms should we build out onto next? Let us know what you think!

Synopsys Editorial Team

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Synopsys Editorial Team

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