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How to implement security measures without negatively affecting software quality

Over the past decade, most organizations have established a well-oiled process for software development and maintenance. We refer to this as the software development life cycle (SDLC). However, advancing security threats relating to insecure software have brought the focus to security implementation within the SDLC without hampering quality. Let’s examine a few strategies to implement security […]

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The journey has just begun: Software quality meets software security

Synopsys has been acquiring software security solutions since 2014. Together these solutions create the Synopsys Software Integrity Platform to ensure the security and quality of the applications that power your business. Born out of the acquisition of various security and quality-focused organizations, Synopsys Software Integrity Group’s journey is just getting started. Founded in 1986, Synopsys […]

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Have you taken the 2017 Software Quality and Software Security Survey?

Are you involved in software security and/or development within your organization? We’re conducting research on developer perceptions and practices regarding software quality, and specifically software security. This 18-question survey is your chance to influence the market and support the needs of developers at firms like yours. The survey should only take 5-7 minutes to complete […]

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Does software quality equal software security? It depends.

Software quality and security assurance both concern risk to the organization, but they do so for different reasons. Risk might be mission critical such as software on a scientific robot crawling another planet. Or risk might be associated with sensitive financial information. In the first example the integrity of the software is paramount; it is […]

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vBSIMM leading the way to ensure third-party software quality

In reading publications recently released by FS-ISAC and SAFECode on vendor management and third-party risk, I am pleased that the industry is finally coming together. We seem to finally agree on the obvious need to assess the processes under which software is made and not a particular end result. If “penetrate and patch” had any […]

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The 7 elements of GDPR software security compliance

Our GDPR compliance checklist explains seven steps you can take to improve your software security initiative and illustrate GDPR software security compliance.

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Coverity: Setting the standard for better software

From the moon to autonomous driving There is a general awareness that software complexity has been growing immensely over time. Starting a few decades ago with special-purpose tasks, such as calculating equations to send a man to the moon, we are now at a stage where our world and much of our lives depend intrinsically […]

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Set the course for developers to navigate software security

Synopsys recently conducted a survey of 274 respondents to identify the role that security plays within organizational development teams. Participants represented a variety of job functions, including software developers, software engineers, quality assurance, software security, and audit/compliance team members. Responses are equally represented for companies under 1,000 employees and companies with 1,000+ employees. Here are […]

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Synopsys strengthens Software Integrity Platform with Black Duck acquisition

Today, Synopsys completed the acquisition of Black Duck Software, a well-respected, established leader in Software Composition Analysis (SCA), which helps organizations identify open source components in their software and check those components for known security vulnerabilities. The two companies are strategically aligned, with a shared vision of building security and quality into the software development […]

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Checklist: Do your software testing tools empower your developers?

Finding and resolving security issues early in the development process saves your organization both time and money. It’s inefficient to implement solutions further along in the software development life cycle (SDLC). But addressing issues early in the process is easier said than done. The first step in improving your application security posture is choosing the […]

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