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Seeker and Red Hat: Security and speed come together

Learn how the Seeker and Red Hat integration helps deliver security and speed of software development for container-based apps.

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[Webinars] Fuzz testing, DevOps with Red Hat, and ISO/SAE 21434

Learn about the ins and outs of fuzzing, how to secure your DevOps pipeline with Synopsys and Red Hat, and what ISO/SAE 21434 means for automotive security.

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Extending Black Duck’s capability with Red Hat OpenShift to scan Red Hat Quay images

The Black Duck Connector for OpenShift, which identifies and tags open source components, can now scan Red Hat Quay container registry images via a webhook.

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Synopsys Software Integrity Group receives Red Hat Partner Award

Synopsys and Red Hat have established a world-class partnership to enable open source management and application security testing in container environments.

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Black Duck supports securing containers in Red Hat OpenShift and CRI-O

Secure containers with Black Duck OpsSight, a complementary, automated image scanning solution that supports Kubernetes and OpenShift with a CRI-O runtime.

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Synopsys and Red Hat OpenShift 4: One smooth Operator!

Building our new Synopsys Operator took some effort, but the results are impressive! Read our tips for creating your own Operator for Red Hat OpenShift.

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New Synopsys Polaris platform optimized for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

Open source is eating software, but Red Hat and Synopsys help you build and deploy containers more securely and at scale.

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Improve your AppSec program with the Synopsys partner ecosystem

Understand how the Synopsys partner ecosystem can help your organization address your software quality and application security challenges.

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Synopsys CyRC named a CVE Numbering Authority

As a CVE Numbering Authority, Synopsys can assign CVE ID numbers and publish newly discovered vulnerabilities.

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[Webinars] Open source, threat modeling, Node.js security

Hear about the state of open source in our Red Hat partner webinar, discover our approach to threat modeling, and learn how to secure Node.js applications.

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