SFTS Troubleshooting Guide FAQ

General Information:
The Secure FTS system is a Synopsys tool for delivering and receiving files Securely via HTTPS.

  • File sizes up to 5 GB are accepted on the Mt. View network. File sizes may vary outside of Mt. View but are limited to 2GB
  • Each file transfer requires a separate transaction at this time
  • Multiple recipients can be listed in one transaction
  • For security purposes the unique system access codes are valid for only 6 hours

  • For files over the 2GB size limit, the standard Unix/Linux command “split” can be used to break up the file.  How to split files over 2GB

    Frequently Asked Questions for using Secure FTS:
    • Q: I entered the key provided and my full email address but I cannot view the folder to download the file.
    • A: Please check the following.

      • Make sure that you have entered the correct email address listed in the email.
      • Make sure that you entered the correct key listed on the email.
      • Check the date when the email was sent to you, if it is over 7 days the file may have been deleted as files only last 7 days in the SFTS system. If necessary, request your Synopsys contact to have the file uploaded again.
      • After verification of the key, the correct email address, and the ship date, click on the ”Show Files” button, then click on the “SFTS” folder. A file name used for the shipment should show. Click on the “Download File” button to download.

    • Q: I started the download but my computer hangs before I could finish downloading the file. Can I re-download it?
    • A: No, files will get deactivated once the attempt to download starts. Please contact est-ext@synopsys.com to have the file reactivated again.

    • Q: I downloaded the file on one computer and now I want to download it again on another computer. I no longer see the file. How can I re-download it?
    • A: For security reasons, files on this server can only be downloaded once per email address. Once the file is successfully downloaded it is not possible to re-download using the same email address. If needed, request that the file be re-uploaded.

    • Q: I have issues with the content of the file that I downloaded. Who can I contact?
    • A: For any questions or issues concerning the content of the file after download contact the depositor of the file. The contact information is in the email that you received.

    • Q: How do I know the file size of the file that I am downloading?
    • A: The download page should list the file size next to the filename.

    • Q: How long will take to download the file?
    • A: Due to many variables, download times depend on the file size and the speed of the Internet connection.

    • Q: I need to download the file in a Unix or Linux environment. Can I download it on these systems?
    • A: Yes, if you have a Linux or Unix environment web browser you should be able to view and download the file using SFTS.

    • Q: Why do I need an access code to upload files to Synopsys?
    • A: For security purposes this positively identifies the user and the validity of the email address.

    • Q: Why is my first name, last name and email address required for registration?
    • A: This allows the recipient to know who has uploaded the file and that the email address is valid. The information is used in the email notification that is sent to your contact.

    • Q: Who can I contact for download issues with the SFTS system?
    • A: You can contact est-ext@synopsys.com or call the EST Hotline:650-584-1631 in the U.S., or 353 1 436 8880 for Europe.

    Link to SFTS Upload Page:

    Link to SFTS Download Page:

    If there are questions please contact the EST team at est-ext@synopsys.com or call the EST Hotline: 650-584-1631 in the U.S., or 353 1 436 8880 for Europe. For fastest response whenever contacting Synopsys, please include a detailed description of your request along with your First and Last Name, your Synopsys Site ID, your phone number, and your Company Name.