In this edition of the Synopsys Aerospace and Government Newsletter, we invited our partner, Ansys, to discuss joint solutions that help our customers create systems with lower size, weight and power (SWaP) through 3D heterogeneous integration (3DHI). Finally, the page below has the latest Aerospace and Defense news, events, and resources.

Expert Spotlight on 3DIC with Marc Swinnen and Kenneth Larsen
June 2022 Edition

Ian Land, senior director of aerospace and government marketing at Synopsys sat down with Marc Swinnen, product marketing director at Ansys and Kenneth Larsen, 3DIC solution director at Synopsys, to learn the importance of SWaP and the benefits of using best-in-class solutions from Ansys and Synopsys for aerospace and defense systems. Click the image to see the interview video. ,

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