ZeBu Server Video 

Making Billion-cycle Debug Possible 

ZeBu Server video

ZeBu® Server-3 offers simulation-like debug capabilities including full signal visibility and deterministic rerun and debug of multi-billion cycle system-level test sequences.  Now, using ZeBu integration with the popular Synopsys Verdi3 debug environment, users can quickly analyze waveforms, perform transaction-level debug and access the same powerful debug environment they are familiar with for simulation.  ZeBu’s interactive Combinatorial Signal Access (iCSA) technology enables users to begin debug with full visibility using Verdi3 in minutes, rather than the hours typical of traditional emulation waveform generators. ZeBu’s powerful Post Run Debug mode eliminates the constraint of relatively short logic analyzer trace windows, enabling the user to rerun and analyze any scenario deterministically – even scenarios embedded in multi-billion cycle tests – without recompiling the design.  


Synopsys Verification team

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