ZeBu Debug 


Synopsys ZeBu fast emulators come equipped with a comprehensive suite of debugging features, which, when paired with a "Smart" Debug Methodology, enable you to quickly find and correct bugs in your ASIC design.

Multi-MHz Performance
  • ZeBu’s higher speed of emulation hits deep-cycle bugs sooner, and reproduces error conditions faster than traditional emulators

Transaction-based Debugging
Assertion-based Debugging

Cycle/Signal-based Debugging
  • Static Probes offer full speed access to critical signals for hardware logic analyzer triggers, and waveform generation via trace memory
  • Dynamic Probes offer complete design access and waveform generation of all sequential and non-sequential elements, without any additional logic or design re-compilation
  • Waveform generation in fsdb, and VPD format
  • Fast memory preload, view/change memory contents at run-time
  • Design state Save & Restore

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