Hardware-Assisted Verification 

High-performance Emulation and Prototyping 

Increases in the size and complexity of SoC HW and embedded SW are increasing the verification challenge. Hardware-assisted verification technology is often required to meet the challenge of delivering the verification performance required for the largest SoCs.

Synopsys’ ZeBu emulation solution enables faster hardware/software bring-up and debug, and full-chip verification with the highest performance, highest capacity, and the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. The ZeBu solution includes the ZeBu Server-3 emulator and a broad portfolio of ZeBu Transactors and Memory Models and the ZEMI-3 transactor compiler for rapid development of virtual system level verification environments.

  • Emulation
  • High-performance platform to accelerate SoC HW-SW verification more

Industry's fastest emulation system

Behavioral SystemVerilog Compiler for Transactor BFMs

ZeBu XTORs & Mem Models
Synthesizable transactors and memory models for emulation

ZeBu fast synthesis

ZeBu Debug
A comprehensive suite of debug tools for emulation

FPGA-based Prototyping
A comprehensive at-speed system validation platform that dramatically accelerates HW/SW co-design and embedded SW development

  • Highest performance and capacity for the most challenging designs
  • SystemVerilog and VHDL
  • Supports all simulators and debug environments including VCS, Verdi, Incisive, MTI
  • Extensive library of synthesizable transactors
  • Based on industry standards to secure your verification investments

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