ECO Systems: When You Need to Make that One Last Tweak
Any change to a design will likely have been requested by (and made by) an engineer, so you might think that ECOs would apply at any time during the design project. But nope: there's a hidden semantic buried in those three little letters.
Jul 22, 2013

Synopsys' Formality Ultra Speeds the functional ECO process
Formality Ultra is an add-on for Synopsys’ industry-leading formal verification tool, Formality. It addresses challenges engineers face in what is becoming one of the most costly aspects of silicon design projects, functional engineering change orders (ECOs).
Jun 18, 2013

Formality Ultra, Streamline Your ECOs
Formality Ultra reduces the time taken to handle functional ECOs by a factor of two, using formal techniques to analyze mismatches between the (new) RTL and the (old) netlist of the design and allowing the designer to zoom into which changes are needed to implement the ECO.
Jun 17, 2013

Synopsys doubles speed of formal ECO checking
Synopsys' Formality equivalence-checking tool has been extended to help designers implement functional ECOs more quickly and easily.
Jun 17, 2013