Proteus WorkBench  

Cockpit Tool for OPC Development and Optimization 

With Proteus WorkBench (PWB), Synopsys provides a single environment that facilitates ProGen model building, Proteus OPC recipe generation and optimization, layout visualization and editing, verification, and other resolution enhancement technique (RET) functions. PWB combines ease-of-use with high efficiency, resulting in a fast turnaround time for setting up production-ready mask synthesis flows.

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  • Save engineering time through automated model calibration, tuning, and validation
  • Optimize recipe parameters for unmatched full chip OPC and RET performance
  • High-speed layout visualization and lithography analysis
  • Seamless interfacing to Synopsys' metrology toolbox (Proteus Metrokit) and rigorous lithography process simulation suite (Sentaurus Lithography)

PWB offers a collection of powerful tools that allow engineers to further improve the quality of results of Proteus-based mask synthesis flows. With a single click, GUI elements specific to the selected application are loaded, providing a customized working environment for the particular engineering task. Advanced users can enable multiple tools to address more complex problems.

PWB is fully programmable; users can modify windows, menus, toolbars, and add their own macros and scripts to extend functionality, turning PWB into a unique environment for individual OPC tasks.

The figure below shows the different modules available in PWB, as well as the links to other Synopsys products which significantly extend the application space of the tool.

Figure 2: Proteus WorkBench - Module structure

Layout tools
In its simplest configuration, PWB is a powerful, hierarchical layout visualization and analysis tool, based on Synopsys' IC WorkBench Plus. PWB is able to load large GDSII/OASIS files, offers easy exploration by fast zooming and panning capabilities, and allows users to interactively manipulate existing, or create new, layout pattern. Highly accurate ProGen models -- the same models used by all Synopsys Manufacturing tools -- can be applied to quickly determine contours or aerial images for a selected layout clip.

The Test Pattern Generator (TPG) is a parametric-based pattern generator designed for lithographers and OPC engineers.

ProGen Model Builder (PMB)
ProGen models are empirical compact models reflecting the performance of a lithography process. Model parameters are determined by fitting experimental data. PMB provides individual tools for calibrating those parameters with a high degree of automation and tuning them for optimum performance. Thus, PMB allows for a significant reduction of the turnaround time, but maintains the high accuracy criteria of expert-calibrated models.

Proteus Recipe Tools (PRT)
The Proteus Recipe Tools represent a collection of different utilities that improve the efficiency of PWB for certain special applications.

Proteus Recipe Tuner Module (RTM)
The Proteus Recipe Tuner Module is a very powerful tool to optimize OPC recipe parameters for instance, minimizing the CD variation or optimizing convergence or iteration count settings. RTM offers "push button" optimization of recipes as well as full customization of the tuning and assessment tasks, which can also be distributed across multiple processors.

Sentaurus Lithography Interface
PWB offers a seamless integration of Sentaurus Lithography (S-Litho) into its layout-centric environment. Rigorous simulation enables precise and reliable prediction of the performance of lithography processes, as well as layout modifications. Results such as resist contours can be visualized together with the layout information. Three-dimensional resist profiles and process window parameters are determined, and contour bands can be used to display the corresponding results directly in PWB.

The S-Litho Resist Calibrator (SRC) in PWB represents the front-end to S-Litho's calibration utility. It is used not only to display relevant layout components such as test patterns, but also to monitor and visualize the calibration progress, and to validate the resulting model.

Proteus Error Analysis Module
Lithography error review and analysis is supported using the Proteus Error Analyzer Module (PEAM). PEAM provides an intuitive and feature-rich GUI environment for driving to error locations, reviewing histograms, statistical summaries and Bossung plot analysis of the results. Errors can be sorted and filtered, classified, plot, and lithography modeling performed at those locations, either using a ProGen compact model or rigorous simulation by S-Litho.

Proteus MetroKit
Proteus MetroKit is a toolset designed to facilitate and automate the process of interfacing with metrology tools, thereby minimizing tool downtime and maximizing engineering efficiency. This product is offered as an upgrade option to PWB.

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