Technology Leading Mask Data Prep  

CATS® is a highly scalable and flexible software application that transcribes complex design data into machine readable instructions for e-beam and laser machines used for the pattern generation and manufacturing of IC, MEMS, TFT-LCD, TFH, photonics, and biochip products. CATS has installations in virtually every photomask manufacturing facility worldwide, and is the de facto standard for mask manufacturing, inspection, metrology, and direct-write-on-wafer.
PDF CATS the Mask Data Preparation Standard

Basic and Advanced FractureCATS fracturing addresses challenges associated with different mask writers and inspections tools.
Proximity Effect CorrectionCATS provides correction of E-beam and Optical Proximity Effects
Jobdeck OperationsPowerful and highly interactive mask and pattern support
Manufacturing Rule CheckCATS is the only available software package to support e-beam and laser exposure tools, as well as all major inspection tools.
Lithography Output OptionsComprehensive data prep solutions for mask and direct write
Metrology MarkingUsing jobdeck information and electron beam pattern file data, CATS Metrology Marking option provides a unique graphical and command-driven environment.
Inspection Data PrepCATS is the only commercially available software package to support both a wide variety of electron beam exposure tools and all major photomask inspection tools.
Distributed ProcessingCATS delivers highly scalable and cost-effective Mask Data Preparation