Multi-Scenario Technology 

PrimeTime offers a number of technologies to accelerate both the analysis and debug of multi-scenario designs. Going beyond multi-scenario analysis, PrimeTime mode merging and simultaneous multi-voltage aware analysis (SMVA) actively work to reduce the number of separate scenarios to be analyzed. This allows users to reduce the hardware resources and turnaround time for multi-scenario analysis, while maintaining signoff quality timing correlation. Distributed Multi-Scenario Analysis (DMSA) and Interactive Multi-Scenario Analysis (IMSA) allow users to efficiently setup and debug multi-scenario runs.

PrimeTime Multi-Scenario Capabilities

An existing PrimeTime flow can be easily enhanced to take advantage of any of these technologies. For multi-scenario analysis, you define the mode/corner combination for each scenario and provide a link to scenario-specific or global setup. Mode merging takes advantage of an existing DMSA setup, only requiring an additional command to perform merging. SMVA extracts voltage domain information from UPF to identify and then accurately analyze the cross domain paths in a single run. Together, these technologies represent a significant productivity boost for multi-scenario analysis, minimizing turnaround time while keeping resource usage under control.

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