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Oct 05, 2015Synopsys Unveils New ATPG Technology Delivering 10X Faster Test Pattern Generation
Innovative, Efficient Engines Achieve Speed-Up While Reducing Pattern Count by 25 Percent

Oct 05, 2015Synopsys Test Solution Certified for the Most Stringent Level of Automotive Safety Measures Defined by the ISO 26262 Standard
Provides Highest Degree of Safety-Related Confidence and Accelerates Functional Safety Qualification

Jun 24, 2015Leading Suppliers of Automotive ICs Deploy Synopsys Test Solution
Synthesis-Based Test Delivers Higher Quality and Addresses ISO 26262 Functional Safety Requirements

Oct 20, 2014VIA Technologies Cuts Silicon Test Time by 11X Using Synopsys' DFTMAX Ultra
Standardizes on DFTMAX Ultra for Designs with Few Test Pins

Oct 20, 2014Synopsys Introduces Industry's First On-Chip Memory Test and Repair Solution for Embedded Flash
DesignWare STAR Memory System for Embedded Flash Reduces Test Cost by 20 Percent and Enables In-Field Diagnostics for IoT and Automotive SoCs

Sep 09, 2013DFTMAX Ultra Significantly Reduces Silicon Test Costs
Customers Realizing Up to 3x Higher Compression with Fewer Test Pins

Jun 11, 2013Synopsys Unveils New Synthesis-Based Test Technology Delivering Up to 3X Higher Compression

Sep 20, 2011Synopsys Enhances Volume Diagnostics Solution to Accelerate Yield Ramp
Innovations in TetraMAX ATPG and Yield Explorer Increase Throughput and Ease Deployment

Sep 20, 2011Synopsys' DesignWare STAR Memory System Shipped in 1 Billion Chips
Design Teams Worldwide Quickly Achieve Test and Repair Quality Goals for Embedded Memories

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