Titan Accelerators 


Titan SBR (Shape-Based Router)
Titan SBR is a constraint-driven, high-speed and high-capacity shaped-based router. It has been superseded by Galaxy Custom Router for new customers.

Titan ADX
Titan ADX is an analog/mixed-signal circuit optimization and porting solution that works with OpenAccess-based custom design environments. Its model-based approach allows circuit optimization and porting in a fraction of the time required by traditional simulation-based techniques. ADX optimizes analog circuit performance for a specification such as minimum area or power within a given process technology. ADX can also be used for porting a circuit design efficiently from one process technology to another. ADX models analog circuits in process-independent equations and optimizes them for a target process technology over many process-voltage-temperature (PVT) corners in a matter of minutes. ADX presents a new design methodology that dramatically increases the efficiency of current simulation-based flows.

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