PyCell IDE 


PyCell IDE
PyCell™ IDE is a full-featured graphical editor and debugger that enables designers to visually edit, debug and explore PyCells. The PyCell IDE presents both code view and geometry view simultaneously, giving PyCell designers a modern, integrated development environment. Users can step through PyCell code while watching the geometry the code creates, and select geometry to highlight the code that created it. Users can change the parameters of a PyCell in the IDE and view the resulting layout changes. The PyCell IDE is also able to display any OpenAccess database, enabling users to select objects in the layout to examine associated parameters, status, layer/purpose and other data. The graphical IDE also includes a built-in design rule checker that allows users to check the layout interactively.

Using the PyCell IDE, designers can:
  • Edit and debug PyCell code
  • Step through code to observe the geometry that code creates
  • Trace geometry back to the code that created it
  • Set breakpoints
  • Query objects & examine design hierarchy
  • Test advanced features including stretch handles and automatic abutment
  • Edit PyCell parameters and view resulting layout
  • Run interactive design rule checks

PyCell IDE

The PyCell IDE includes additional windowpanes for examining hierarchy, layer/purpose pairs, parameters, DRC errors and more. Cross-probing between windowpanes allows users to select items in one window and view corresponding data highlighted in other windows and on the layout. The PyCell IDE gives authors all the graphical capabilities they need to design, debug and test PyCells in a production environment. The PyCell IDE is an integral part of PyCell Studio, a complete, standalone layout generator and PCell development environment for OpenAccess.

The PyCell IDE is included in PyCell Studio™, the free PyCell development environment from Synopsys. It is available on multiple operating systems from the download page.

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