DAC 2013: Custom Design Luncheon Panel 

Addressing Custom Design Challenges with Laker
DAC 2013: Custom Design Luncheon Videolog
On June 4, 2013, Synopsys hosted a Custom Design Luncheon at DAC. At this event, attendees heard what industry leaders from Fujitsu, MediaTek and Richtek had to say about custom layout challenges in complex designs at 20-nm and below, and how they are using Synopsys’ Laker custom IC solution to lay out their most advanced ICs.

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Guest Speakers
Dave Reed
Director, Custom Design Marketing

Event Emcee

Yu-Yuan Tseng
Senior Engineer

Using Laker to Overcome 20nm Layout Challenges

Masataka Sato
Design Engineer
Fujitsu Semiconductor

Layout TAT Improvement of 20nm SRAM Design with Laker

KC Chang
Vice President of Technology Development

Laker — A Design Solution for Analog IC