Laker SDL Mini Demos 

Schematic-driven layout (SDL) methodology brings many benefits, but adoption of it has lagged because of the restrictions it sometimes places on layout flexibility. Laker’s next-generation SDL methodology is much more flexible, providing Laker users with the productivity benefits of SDL without sacrificing area. Key Laker SDL innovations have made it the dominate methodology used for layout with Laker.

Mini Demo: Laker Schematic-Driven Layout — Part 1
Part 1 shows an intuitive schematic-driven layout solution that enables layout designers to optimize layout density through flexible, hierarchical device-level manipulation. Unlike competing tools, Laker does not require the layout and schematic hierarchies to match.

Mini Demo: Laker Schematic-Driven Layout — Part 2
Part 2 features advanced functionality that provide even more productivity and flexibility to the Laker SDL solution. It highlights powerful features for quickly duplicating repetitive layout pattern, including automatic dummy and guarding insertion, and pattern-based routing.