DAC 2015: Adopting Synopsys Custom Design Tools to Speed Advanced-node Layout

Synopsys hosted a Custom Design Luncheon at DAC. At this event, attendees heard industry leaders from Socionext, Samsung, and Synopsys’ IP Group share their experiences meeting the challenges of FinFET custom design, and discuss how they have deployed Synopsys’ custom design tools to improve their custom design productivity.
Tadafumi Kadota, Sr. Engineer, Socionext; Kelvin Low, Sr. Director, Foundry Marketing; Anwar Awad, VP, Mixed-Signal IP, Synopsys

DAC 2014: Innovations in Custom Design

On June 3, 2014, Synopsys hosted a Custom Design Luncheon at DAC. At this event, attendees heard what industry leaders from Fujitsu, Renesas and TSMC had to say about using Galaxy Custom Router to create custom routes in IC Compiler designs, how the latest features in Laker speed custom layout in FinFET devices, and the benefits of Synopsys' integrated custom design flows.
Antun Domic, Exec. VP/GM, Design Group, Synopsys; Shoji Sakuma, SoC Implementation Group Manager, Fujitsu VLSI; Thomas Langfermann, Sr. Manager, Design Services, Renesas; Tom Quan, Deputy Director, Design Infrastructure Marketing, TSMC

DAC 2013: Addressing Custom Design Challenges with Laker

On June 4, 2013, Synopsys hosted a Custom Design Luncheon at DAC. At this event, attendees heard what industry leaders from Fujitsu, MediaTek and Richtek had to say about custom layout challenges in complex designs at 20-nm and below, and how they are using Synopsys’ Laker custom IC solution to lay out their most advanced ICs.
Dave Reed, Custom Design Marketing Director, Synopsys; Masataka Sato, Design Engineer, Fujitsu; Yu-Yuan Tseng, Senior Engineer, MediaTek; KC Chang, Vice President of Technology Development, Richtek

Laker Mini Demos

Schematic-driven layout (SDL) methodology brings many benefits, but adoption of it has lagged because of the restrictions it sometimes places on layout flexibility. Laker’s next-generation SDL methodology is much more flexible, providing Laker users with the productivity benefits of SDL without sacrificing area. Key Laker SDL innovations have made it the dominate methodology used for layout with Laker.
Synopsys, Inc.

Custom Designer Mini Demos

Synopsys has prepared a series of Mini Demos highlighting the unique features of the Custom Designer tool suite that help make custom/AMS design faster, easier, and more intuitive.

SNUG Boston 2008: Galaxy Custom Designer Launch

On September 22 at SNUG Boston 2008, Synopsys unveiled Galaxy Custom Designer™, the modern-era custom AMS implementation solution. On hand to support the launch were representatives from Cray and Priva Technologies who presented their experiences using/supporting Custom Designer.
Aart de Geus, CEO, Synopsys, Inc.; Tom Quan, Design Methodology & Service Marketing; Matt Priest, Hardware Engineer; Jeff Berkman, CTO

Synopsys’ new custom IC design

Finally . . . an integrated EDA tool for custom IC design. It’s a totally new, ground-up, software package. Yet, its user interface is so similar to what you’ve been using that you’ll be surprised as to how familiar it seems.
VLSI Research, Inc.

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