SNUG Boston 2008: Galaxy Custom Designer Launch 

On September 22 at SNUG Boston 2008, Synopsys unveiled Galaxy Custom Designer™, the modern-era custom AMS implementation solution. On hand to support the launch were representatives from Cray and Priva Technologies who presented their experiences using/supporting Custom Designer.

Introducing Custom Designer
Aart de Geus, CEO, Synopsys, Inc.

Aart de Geus explains how increasing SoC complexity and the growing interdependence between analog and digital functions requires a modern approach to custom mixed-signal SoC design.

Accelerating Innovation through Interoperable PDK
Tom Quan, Design Methodology & Service Marketing

Tom Quan provides an overview of the industry's first interoperable process design kit (iPDK) that supports Synopsys’ new Custom Designer tool set.

Cray, Inc.
A Pragmatic Solution to Circuit Parasitics
Matt Priest, Hardware Engineer

Matt Priest says using Custom Designer is like riding a bike—but a brand new, shiny one!

Priva Technologies, Inc.
Designing a Security Device using Custom Designer
Jeff Berkman, CTO

Jeff Berkman explains how his team migrated their legacy IP to Custom Designer to take advantage of productivity enhancements.